Dj Pandaj & Miss Vaitea - MY CHAMPAGNE


Musical Videoclip for a talented italian artist, Dj Pandaj.

My Champagne it’s a single from the newest EP Notturno.

Villa Reale


VR pictures of the noble floor of the Villa Reale located in Monza (Italy). Thanks to the VR technology all the
ornamental details of the walls, the floors and the ceilings can be admired in all their splendor. Enjoy your trip in the palace where the Empress of Austria’s son used to spend the summer time.

Mottolino FUN RIDE

  • sport
  • social
  • online

Mottolino is a sport & entertainment experience that hosts tourists from around the world in Livigno. The most exciting attractions that you can experience during the summer are the Downhill Trails. Virtual reality is the perfect visual tool to create the immersive preview of the bike park, it enables the potential tourists to understand what the Fun Park has to offer.

Scopri Dispotech

  • business
  • trade fair
  • offline

The Dispotech company is known for its Italian excellence in dental disposable manufacturing. Our team used the Virtual Reality technology to enable the visitors of the medical technology fair to have an insiders look into the production and distribution process of Dispotech, explaining the unique efficiency of the company with an immersive video.

New Places

  • game
  • for business
  • offline

Animated Teaser in Virtual Reality created for a Dutch collective of game developers. The spectator travels through virtual worlds illustrating the different environments of the games in development. The immerse video was used to present the game environments to the visitors of the open day.